Starfish Koa

Starfish Koa

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Carry the essence of the lovely starfish with this exquisitely crafted dangle earring set. The classic five point starfish has been faithfully recreated by expert hands in Koa wood and sterling silver. The deep russet of the Koa wood contrasts beautifully with the silver and enhances it exquisite grains. 

Metal Type:  Sterling Silver 925

Wood:  Koa Wood

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 It is a rare wood found only in the Hawaii Islands, where it is considered sacred. The wood is highly coveted for its beautiful curly grain with a cat’s eye like effect to it. Koa wood is a tonewood used to make high quality musical instruments, especially guitars. It ranges in color from a gold to deep russet to chocolate brown. Harvesting a live Koa tree is illegal as it is a protected species and only dead or decayed trees can be sold to license holders. All Bean & Vanilla Koa wood comes from legal sources.