about us

Bean & Vanilla started in 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Inspired by the beautiful landscape of the island, we decided to create timeless piece that represents the beautiful nature and what it gives human kind.  From Koa Woods on the Hawaiian mountains and landscapes to Mother-of-Pearl from our rich ocean, we wanted our timepieces to remind us that nature isn’t just out there, but a part of us each and everyday.

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We believe in sustainability and encourage reusing, reducing, repurposing and recycling in an effort to reduce the pressure on our planet and maintain an ecological balance. Our alluring collection of jewelry and accessories follows all the principles of sustainability.


Protecting Our Environment

At Bean & Vanilla, we care for our future. That is why all our exquisite wooden jewelry and watches are made from wood that is obtained from socially responsible sources that help to maintain and renew the forest cover, thus protecting our planet and our environment.