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The beautiful grains of the exquisite Koa wood could not have been more aptly used than to create this alluring heart shaped pendant. Encased in sterling 925 silver with a bezel setting, this dangle earrings are sure to steal away any discerning heart. 

Metal Type:  Sterling Silver 925

Wood:  Koa Wood

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 It is a rare wood found only in the Hawaii Islands, where it is considered sacred. The wood is highly coveted for its beautiful curly grain with a cat’s eye like effect to it. Koa wood is a tonewood used to make high quality musical instruments, especially guitars. It ranges in color from a gold to deep russet to chocolate brown. Harvesting a live Koa tree is illegal as it is a protected species and only dead or decayed trees can be sold to license holders. All Bean & Vanilla Koa wood comes from legal sources.