Seashell - Koa
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"Discover the magic! A symbol of prosperity and infinite beauty"

KOA symbolic of courage and strength

Citizen Movement - 1 year warranty
KOA is a rare wood found only in the Hawaii Islands, where it is considered sacred. A live Koa tree is illegal as it is a protected species and only dead or decayed trees can be sold to license holders. All Bean & Vanilla Koa wood comes from legal sources. This is the only way to use this wood here locally.

Folding Clasp for convenience to take on and off, with pressing buckle.

The wood is highly coveted for its beautiful curly grain with a cat’s eye like effect to it. GREAT GIFT IDEA and perfectly packaged.

ECO-FRIENDLY AND HYPO-ALLERGENIC - 100% natural wood without chemicals and paint, making them hypo-allergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

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Band Width:  18 mm

Case Diameter:  38 mm

Band Length:  8 inches

Display Type:  Analog

Dial Color:  Pink Mother of Pearl

Watch band can be adjusted by removing links.



Koa Wood is a revered and sacred wood native to the Hawaiian Islands. It is considered the most beautiful of hardwoods. Held in light, the warmth of the wood shines with streaks of flaxen grain. In Hawaiian, Koa means brave, bold & fearless warrior, and is symbolic of courage and strength. Ancient Hawaiians used Koa Wood for canoes, surfboards and body boards. Koa trees are protected, and our wood is only harvested by licensed entities.



Citizen Movement



BEAN & VANILLA watches are fitted using only Crystal Sapphire, the second hardest substance on earth next to diamond.  It rates 9 around the Moh Scale and is just behind diamond which measures 10.  Do not be fooled, other watches boast of strength and durability using mineral glass, but only Crystal Sapphire can truly be scratch-resistant and least prone to shatter, giving you an unblemished look and longevity for your watch. 


This eco-friendly, 100% natural Koa Wood Watch is sweat and splash resistant. Light-weight wood is combined with a logo-stamped stainless steel push-button deployment clasp. Watch glass is made of scratch-resistant, non-glare Crystal Sapphire. Date is displayed on dial. Wood is artificial & toxin free, hypoallergenic, and sustainably sourced. Box and cushion watch holder are included. Watch comes with One Year Manufacturer Warranty. Watch uses Citizen Movement.


  • Mother-of-Pearl: Mother-of-Pearl comes from the iridescent, delicate inner lining of shell. Its true beauty is lost in photographs - it catches light and reflects with many shades of silvery pink. This is the area where pearls grow. Known for its healing abilities, it also is said to attract prosperity, and to protect from negative energy.
  • Honu (Hawaiian word for Sea Turtle): This mesmerizing sea creature can be found swimming throughout Hawaiian waters, and is representative of Wisdom, Endurance, and Longevity.
  • Special features: Citizen Movement, 100% Koa Wood with Mother of Pearl Dial, Scratch Resistant Crystal Sapphire