Sailor - Koa Wood
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"A navigator that follows the stars; A hero looking for his mermaid love"

KOA symbolic of courage and strength

Citizen Movement - 1 year warranty
KOA is a rare wood found only in the Hawaii Islands, where it is considered sacred. A live Koa tree is illegal as it is a protected species and only dead or decayed trees can be sold to license holders. All Bean & Vanilla Koa wood comes from legal sources. This is the only way to use this wood here locally.

Folding Clasp for convenience to take on and off, with pressing buckle.

The wood is highly coveted for its beautiful curly grain with a cat’s eye like effect to it. GREAT GIFT IDEA and perfectly packaged.

ECO-FRIENDLY AND HYPO-ALLERGENIC - 100% natural wood without chemicals and paint, making them hypo-allergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

$35 Engraving Option:
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This sustainably harvested, 100% natural Koa Wood Watch is sweat and splash resistant. Hawaiian petroglyphs line the watch face, symbolizing protection, strength, and safe journey. Light-weight wood is combined with a logo-stamped stainless steel push-button deployment clasp. Watch glass is made of scratch-resistant, non-glare Crystal Sapphire. Date and day is displayed on dial. Wood is artificial & toxin free, hypoallergenic, and sustainably sourced. Box and cushion watch holder are included. Watch comes with One Year Manufacturer Warranty. Watch uses Citizen Movement.


  • Honu (Hawaiian word for Sea Turtle): This mesmerizing sea creature can be found swimming throughout Hawaiian  waters, and is representative of Wisdom, Endurance, and Longevity.
  • Shark Tooth:  Sharks can also be found surrounding the islands of the Hawaiian Chain. These often-times misunderstood creatures are extremely important for ocean ecosystems. The Shark Tooth symbolizes Protection, Confidence in oneself and one’s abilities, and Self-Trust. Never lose confidence in yourself, with this reminder on your wrist.
  • Makau (Hawaiian for Fish Hook): Fish hooks were essential in ancient Hawaiian culture, as sea creatures were a large part of the ancient Hawaiian diet. The makau symbolizes prosperity, luck, and “everything good”.

BEAN & VANILLA wood watch offers only the finest quality wood watch can offer and only use SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL (found only in LUXURY watches) in all of our designs. We design and create inspirational, functional and transcendent of time pieces. We build quality products that inspire people back to nature because we believe that Nature isn’t just out there, but a part of You!

  • PURE, NATURAL SANDALWOOD: Features 100% natural, genuine Red Sandalwood that is sustainably harvested. Each watch is unique, with a one-of-a-kind grain and wood formations. All our wood watches have been carefully oiled to bring out each wood’s rich color. Unlike low quality bands, our genuine hardwood gets better over time - it is shined and polished by the natural oils from your skin.

  • COMFORTABLE, NATURAL DESIGN: From our skillful craftsmen who have worked with wood for over 20 years, you can rest assured our wood watch delivers one of the highest quality present today. Our watches are designed in Honolulu, Hawai’i and inspired by the natural beauty and ancient symbolism found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. This watch features light weight wood combined with a logo-stamped stainless Steel push-button deployant clasp.

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND DURABILITY: We use only the best materials for our watches. The dial is made of Sapphire Crystal - the most resistant crystal there is. It’s the second hardest substance on earth that only a diamond can scratch it. The date is displayed on the face of the watch. Internal workings use Citizen Movement, a refined and accurate Japanese design. Size can be adjusted by adding or removing links. Each watch comes with a Bean & Vanilla stamped box.

  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Our watches are guaranteed to last, but in case there is a manufacturer’s defect, we will replace the watch for you (within one year of purchase).

Our premium hardwoods crafted with only sapphire crystal window dial and citizen movement - gets better over time and can be passed down to the next generation. We only use the finest quality to give you the superior value you deserve. We take pride and stand behind each of our product with confidence. Our wood watch is light weight perfect for everyday wear without feeling dragged. They work perfectly as wood watch for men and wood watch for women. The wood grains are so beautiful and give different character and uniqueness to every watch. Our watch glass are made with Crystal Sapphire which makes the glass scratch resistance and non-glare. The Date is also displayed on the dial. Our wood watch band are hypoallergenic and made with all natural wood. Unlike other cheap watches out there, our wood watches uses Citizen movement which you can rely on and last you for a very long time. Our watch is uniquely designed that fits your unique personality and allows you to stand out and make a lasting impression from a crowd.