Sailor - Maple & Black Sandalwood

Sailor - Maple & Black Sandalwood

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"A navigator that follows the stars; A hero looking for mermaid love"

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Display Type: Analog

Case diameter: 49 millimeters

Band length: 18 MM

Band width: 34 millimeters

Band Color: Black and Light brown

Dial color: White

Bezel Function:  Push Button

Bezel Material:  Stainless Steel

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Different species of Sandalwood are found around the world, and is the second most expensive wood, after African blackwood.  Unlike other aromatic woods, it is treasured for its fragrance that retains decades after cutting.   Its scent is said to transform desires and bring emotional balance.  BEAN & VANILLA uses only carefully selected and sustainably harvested sandalwood.  


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Citizen Movement

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BEAN & VANILLA watches are fitted using only Crystal Sapphire, the second hardest substance on earth next to diamond.  It rates 9 around the Moh Scale and is just behind diamond which measures 10.  Do not be fooled, other watches boast of strength and durability using mineral glass, but only Crystal Sapphire can truly be scratch-resistant and least prone to shatter, giving you an unblemished look and longevity for your watch.